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Bacha na Šporcla

Dear friends,

I hope you are well even in these difficult times.

Because I am always thinking how to attract and please my audience, I have prepared a musical treat for you.

In continuation of my Concerts in the Living Room series, I would like to invite you to my special project of Johann Sebastian Bach’s beautiful music.

In six unique evenings you will listen to a complete performance of one of the most fundamental works of violin literature, the famous Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin. And not only that! During the concert I will guide you through my interpretation, compare different interpretation styles and possibilities, analyze each movement and its style and show the technical intricacies and corners of one of the most difficult pieces of violin literature.

All in one evening. For one price.

You can buy a virtual ticket for each concert or for the entire subscription cycle.

BONUS for Subscribers (ABO)

If you buy a Subscription for 6 nights, you will receive a free bonus. "Personal" meeting with me. On the eve of each Partita concert we will connect through Zoom and you will have the opportunity to ask me. Of course, especially about Bach. But actually anything about the violin, about music, about life. We'll talk like we're having coffee together.

Yours Pavel Šporcl

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